Tiles for your bathroom. Two very different bathroom expressions with ARTTILES. 


Create a unique bathroom with ARTTILES

ARTTILES specializes in making tiles that suits your bathroom perfectly. Our matte surfaced tiles are perfects as bathroom tiles on both walls, in floors and showers. 

Stop by our showroom and get inspired for your bathroom tile project. You are also welcome to book a personal consultation. We can guide you in everything from creative expression to dimensions, looks and colors. Contact us here. 


Colorful tiled floor. This tile floor is held in our matte tiles. In bath environments, the matte surface is ideal, as is does not get slippery when wet. The tiles are printed in a fun and colorful bathroom theme.



In this tiled bathroom floor, we kept the colors cool and understated in aqua notes of blues and greens. Keeping the graphic prints in an "under water" reference, adds a bit of fun and playfulness to the floor expression.

In this tile floor project, we've mixed ARTTILES with plain white tiles to keep the look light and airy, while keeping the costs down. If you are on a budget, mixing ARTTILES with white tiles can be a great solution. You can buy plain white tiles here on the website. 





Here's how a bunch of ARTTILES are living their happy lives in new homes. Keep sending us shots of your finished projects! We love seeing where our "babies" end up... Thank you, more please! 

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Above: Graphic tile floor. This family had the same black/white and grey floor tiles in a matte surface installed in both master- and guest bathroom. The eclectic mix of patterns, texts and motifs gives an almost ethnic feel but at the same time a very nordic expression. 



Above: Easy bathroom makeover. Thomas and Isabella wanted an upgrade in their old 90's bathroom. The transformation had to be swift and on a budget. The anonymous bathroom cabinet was painted in the same dark grey as the rest of the room and the knobs were replaced. A single row of ARTTILES (15x15cm)  was placed above the sink, adding color and personality to the interior. The tiles were primarily patterned, leaving the little mermaid motif to stand out by itself. 

Below: Tile stickers. If you are looking for an easy way to transform your bathroom (like Thomas and Isabella were) maybe our new tile stickers could be the way? Especially if you already have tiles in your bathroom, and just want a quick upgrade! Read more about SMARTTILES here.    


Above: SMARTTILES - graphic tile stickers from ARTTILES


Above: Scandinavian vibes in sunny Israel. This customer from Israel, had a backsplash of ARTTILES installed above their bathroom cabinet and sink to add some color & character to the light interior and white surrounding tiles. A few bathroom-themed motifs were added to the mix of colored patterns, to give the overall design a humorous touch. 


Above: Graphic details. Here, the customer added some personality to her shower, by mixing her white tiles with a few ARTTILES in graphic black&white motifs. A simple, yet effective way to upgrade your shower.  

Below: Spacy bathroom. This project sure was fun! These customers wanted nothing less than a spaceship in their shower. - So, of course, we hand printed one for them! Larger designs that spread over more tiles, like this, really has a remarkable visual effect we think, and we love making them! If you have a design idea of your own, don't hesitate to contact us here.  



Above: Happy showers. At the Metins, bathtime has increased considerably after the shower wall had an upgrade with colorful ARTTILES. The two kids of the family each have their favorite tiles - and the stories told about them during bathtime is endless, their mom says! Follow the Metin family on Instagram here; @frumetin