We design wall tiles with personality. The unique tiles from ARTTILES are all hand painted at our Studio in Copenhagen.

Everything is handmade. That’s why you may find small color differences or minor variations in our motifs from tile to tile.

It's craftsmanship. It's unique.

Choose between kitchen tiles, wall tiles, tiles for the bathroom or try our CUSTOMIZER to create your own backsplash.

We define our tiles as pieces to tell new stories and create varied moods. Therefore, our tiles have texts, motifs, figures, graphic patterns and colors that can be put together in a constantly change of meaning and expression.

That’s fractional storytelling.

” That’s how life is. Our tiles are like people. We behave differently depending on who we sit next to.” - Trine and Anette

” Our tiles are pieces for stories and tales that people can tell in their homes” - Trine Galschiøt