We create stories in tiles with lots of fun and imagination

ARTTILES is tiles, art, wall decor, design, humous and funny whims. ARTTILES is Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark and a small team of great employees. We are the creative artists in our workshop located in the heart of vibrating Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Here we design a universe of handcrafted wall tiles.

” Our tiles are pieces for stories and tales that people can tell in their homes”- Trine Galschiøt

Trine Galschiøt brings her whimsical ideas and talented hands. Anette Nørmark sharpens the tales and gives life to our many ideas and makes sure that our office is as splendid as our creative workshop. Both our artistic minds are deeply involved in the process of evolving designs and motifs for the tiles.


Wall decor with a feeling

We have a vibrant communication when we work, and we know when we nail it! That feeling is over-the-moon-fantastic.  We hope to pass that feeling on to our customers when they decorate their walls with our designed tiles. Our mission is to entertain and provoke, and to give inspiration and surprises. We let people tell stories with the tiles.

Handcrafted tiles

Since 2010 we’ve developed our Scandinavian take on Portuguese Azulejo tiles.

We have a great advantage because we’ve developed our artistic nerve and style together. We know exactly why every line and every color is how it is.

” I absolutely love that process of creating new designs. It captivates me – and often makes me laugh”.- Anette Nørmark

You’ll see our love for art and good craftsmanship in our uniquely designed tiles. You will notice that skill in every tile. All paintwork is made by hand, e.g. with silk screen printing, and after drying the tiles are fired in our kilns right here in our workshop. Our tiles are unique in the true sense of the word; there can be small nuances between them, and they are vibrant and handmade.

As we say: Our tiles are not found anywhere else!


Fractional storytelling

We name every tile and every theme. That way each of them is part of the ARTTILES-family.  Here you’ll meet “Paranoid Paul”, the cutlery “What the Fork” and the line “No lifeguard on duty.” We define our tiles as pieces to tell new stories and create varied moods. Therefore, our tiles have texts, motifs, figures, graphic patterns and colors that can be put together in a constantly change of meaning and expression.

That’s fractional storytelling.

” That’s how life is. Our tiles are like people. We behave differently depending on who we sit next to.”Trine and Anette

We find inspiration in everyday life, things of importance to us and from our surroundings. Or from deep-within our imaginative brains. And we always spice it up with our humor.

We love to form these little pieces into stories. Especially while seeing our customers build on our ideas to create their own new tales and stories.

Backsplash with a theme

To show how to combine our tiles in themes and stories we’ve created a series of six packs and multi packs that shows how we love to see them together. In this series you’ll find kitchen backsplash with themes that help you decorate your home in your personal style. With stories, patterns and colors. 

” I love every part of this process. From our first ideas to mixing colors for the glaze, to the excitement of opening the kiln and seeing the result of the last firing.”- Trine Galschiøt