About Arttiles

ARTTILES is hand-printed design tiles, created and produced by the danish artists Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark. The two women founded the company in 2010, based on their shared love of art, design and genuine craftsmanship. The brand has since become known for its colourful and graphic sense of expression, which revitalized the utility of tiles as a decorative element in contemporary décor.

About the hand-printed product

All ARTTILES begin their lives at the ARTTILES STUDIO in Copenhagen. Here the raw porcelain tiles are hand-painted and silks-screen printed with rich colored glazes of high quality. All ARTTILES are hand-printed on a base of thick, white porcelain tiles from Portugal. The tiles are then fired under high temperatures, ensuring them their long lasting durability and deep coloring. 

Behind the design

The inspiration for ARTTILES derives from the old tile-covered facades of sunny Portugal, but the expression is Scandinavian. This shows, as the women behind the Danish brand and their roots in visual arts, clearly shines through; ARTTILES is the Nordic interpretation of a long Southern European tradition of combining tiles and story telling. A culmination of art and design – of function and fiction.

Everything is made by hand – everything is possible

The hand-made process of ARTTILES makes the design dynamic and flexible. In the creative studio in Copenhagen the steps from sketch to tile isn’t far, and the artists constantly play their way around new designs. Today customized designs are a big part of the ARTTILES production, as customers are increasingly looking for unique interior solutions for their homes