Small wall mountable ceramic art piece

Add a dash of extra personality to your home. The set contains 6 hand-printed design tiles from our studio in Vesterbro.

Use it as a unique addition to your gallery wall or as a creative decoration anywhere.

All wall-mountable tiles are delivered with

  • Gift box

  • Artist’s signatures

  • Our ARTTILES hanger attached, all you need is a nail

Dimensions: 6 pcs. in 15x15 cm.  

Color: Black and Royal Blue glazes on Stone White and Blue Mint plain tiles.


Availability: In stock



About the handmade product:

ARTTILES are handmade by artists Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark in their CPH Studio. Here old graphic printing methods comes back to life, as the ceramic tiles are decorated by hand with coloured glazes of high quality. The tiles are then fired the old-fashioned way, which ensures them their beautiful finish and hardy durability.

Due to artistic principles every product by ARTTILES is only made in limited editions of 50 per each design and color. Please notice that the particular print frame of each design will be destroyed within reaching the sales-maximum of 50 and therefore removed from production.