Color change - Olive

If you wish to order your ARTTILES in different print colors than the ones we have in stock, you can order a color change here.

This purchase buys a change of the print color of 1 tile to OLIVE

What if I want to change more than one tile-design to this color? If you want to change more ARTTILES to this glaze color, simply state the desired number in the quantity field below and specify which designs you have in mind in the comments box.

How to order:

  1. Specify which ARTTILES you want to change to this color, by stating the product title of each design in the comments box below. (See example)

  2. Remember to specify the quantity of how many color changes in question. (See example)

Availability: The handmade product is produced according to demand. Expected delivery time: up to 10 days.


Maximum number of characters: 500

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Color change - Olive

WHAT IS COLOR CHANGE? In our color-change category, you will find our entire color chart represented. We can custom print these colors for you by request. Just click the desired color within the color-change category, and specify the designs and quantities you want to change before adding to cart.

Please be aware that the colors which are already purchasable in our webshop inventory, are all within our stock having range. This means that these colors do not cost extra to order. The color change offer, however, is a service for you who wants a specific design, in a color that we do not carry in stock and therefore wishes to have it custom made.

Can I change the color of all ARTTILES?
Yes! Color-change is a service that includes all our porcelain tiles. Just add the tile designs you like to cart, and then order your desired color in the color-change category. (Remember to describe which tile designs in the specific product you wish to change.)

Ex. color changing a backsplash: You’ve fallen in love with a certain backsplash combination, but wants to change the color of some of the motifs /patterns. No problem – just add the backsplash to cart, and then go to the color change category and order your custom changes. Again - just remember to specify which prints/designs you want to change (and how many) in the qty. -and the comments boxes. (If you do not remember the title of tiles, just describe them as best as you can - for example; "The three light blue patterns" or "the black octopus”)

- Click below for a printable version of our color chart -