Let’s take a second to talk surface

ARTTILES are made from Portuguese stoneware. This provides a nice matte finish. Once we decorate with ceramic glazes, the difference in textures plays out vividly.

Tilt your ARTTILE, have a close look and you will notice how the silky hand print stands out beautifully on its matte stoneware “canvas”.

More gloss?

If you want your ARTTILES to shine like there is no tomorrow, we can add on an extra glazing. Choose extra glaze, if you love a surface that is a 100 % glossy.

Please note

Extra glazing lowers the tiles slip resistance and gets slippery when wet. For horizontal surfaces, e.g. bathroom floors or kitchen counter tops, we do not advise extra glazing.

Matte vs. glossy – which is easier to clean?

All ARTTILES are fired under intense temperatures that seals in the stoneware surface. This means, the matte surface is as durable and easy to clean as the glossy ones. Extra glaze only serves an aesthetic purpose.

Longing for that polished expression? Order an extra glazing for your tiles, if you want the 100 % glossy look. Choose a size to read more.


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