Grid "sticker" - Bottle Green
Grid "sticker" - Bottle Green Grid "sticker" - Bottle Green Grid "sticker" - Bottle Green Grid "sticker" - Bottle Green

Price: 1 sticker 10,66 Euro. 6 stickers 53,33 Euro. Dimension: 15xcm x 15 cm

Give your old tiles a new life with stickers in classic and graphic patterns from ARTTILES.

Our tile stickers are cut out from adhesive quality foil, and holds permanently in kitchen and bathroom. Efter cutting out the patterns, the excess foil is hand removed with tweezers, leaving the tiles ceramic surface to stand out through the individual foil parts. This adds a genuine feel to the sticky makeover, making it look like the real thing.

You can use tile stickers from ARTTILES on every smooth surface, as long as it is clean and dry – so it is really up to you to get creative with their placement. And when it’s time for a change, they are easy to remove again. 

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Grid "sticker" - Bottle Green

Practical information about stickers from ARTTILES:

The stickers are ”semi-permanent”, meaning that they will sit faithfully on your tiles for years to come, but that when it’s time for a change, they will come off easily too.

The tile stickers are water-repellent and can withstand daily cleaning with a damp cloth, so using them on your kitchen or bathroom is no problem.

The stickers should however not be placed anywhere where they will soak under water as the glue will dissolve.  As an example, your shower floor wouldn't be a suitable setup.

If you want to change the size of you stickers, they are easy to cut with a pair of scissors, before taking off the protective film.