Get even closer to ARTTILES

A square universe

ARTTILES are tiles, art, design, humor and quirky stories. ARTTILES is Trine Galschiøt and a small team of wonderful employees. We are the creative artists in our small workshop in Vesterbro in the heart of Copenhagen. Here we design a universe of hand-painted ceramic tiles. Trine Galschiøt brings her whimsical artistic expression to life and is immersed in the creative processes of developing motifs, characters and stories.

"Our tiles are the pieces of stories and narratives people can express in their own home"- Trine Galschiøt

Hand painted in Copenhagen

Since 2010, we have been developing our Scandinavian range of Portuguese Azulejo tiles.

“I absolutely love the process of creating new designs. It catches me - and often makes me laugh ”.- Trine Galschiøt

You will see our love of arts and craftsmanship in our uniquely designed tiles. You will notice the stories in each of them. All painting is done by hand, and after drying the tiles are burned right here in our workshop. Our tiles are unique in the true sense of the word; there may be small nuances between them and they are vibrant and handmade.

As we say: Our tiles are not found anywhere else!

Square tales

We name each tile and each theme. That way, each of them is part of the ARTTILES family. In our store you meet "Paranoid Paul", the cutlery "What the Fork" and the theme "No lifeguard on duty." We define our tiles as pieces that tell new stories and create changing moods. Therefore, our tiles have texts, motifs, figures, graphic patterns and colors that can be put together in a constant change of meaning and expression.

This is what we call square storytelling.

"This is life. Our tiles are like humans. We behave differently depending on who we sit next to." - Trine Galschiøt

We find inspiration in everyday life, things of importance to us and from our surroundings. Or from deep inside our imaginative brains. And we always spice it up with our humor.

We love shaping these little pieces into stories. Especially as we watch our customers build on our ideas to create their own new tales and stories.

How to set up your tiles

Installation of tiles

Our tiles can be hung up in more ways than can be counted on one hand. Most popular is to use a light / medium gray sealant from Mira or LIP called Manhattan Gray. It is easy to work with and leaves minimal film on the tiles. The color fits really well with our Plain Stone White tiles.

Please be careful not to use black grouth. It's too hard to remove the film!

Once the grout is in place, clean up any excess grout with a wet but not soaked, sponge or cloth. As the sealant has settled, a powdery film may form. Use a soft, clean cloth to polish the powdery film. If the powdery film still occurs, use a sealant, e.g. Deterdek-cleaner, to wash your tiles off.

NOTE: Our tiles can also be installed by wall hanging or installed by a professional.