Decorative backsplash for the kitchen in unique hand-printed tiles

Mosaics, colors and motifs create a vivid atmosphere and décor in the kitchen. An ARTTILES backsplash / splash board gives your kitchen wall an artistic decoration in designed tiles while it protects your wall behind the stove from stains. Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark have composed several backsplashes in decorative themes with their handcrafted tiles. Each theme tells a mood and story in a mosaic of carefully selected colors and creative motifs. Their universe is always created with humor and reflection. The hand-printed tiles are made at ARTTILES’ own Studio in the heart of Vesterbro. 

We create the pieces, you create the mood and the stories. Find your preferred theme below. 

Want to create your own design? 

Get inspiration to create your own decoration for the kitchen wall with our hand-printed tiles. Try our tile builder model here.

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