In this category, you will find unique combinations of tiles, usable as backsplash panels behind a sink or stove. Artists Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark individually select all our backsplash boxes in different themes of expression. Every themed backsplash is unique and printed by hand in the ARTTILES studio.

This item consists of 15 fired tiles, hand printed in our Cph studio. Dimensions: 15x15 cm. (14,8 x 14,8) and 30x30 cm. (29,8 x 29,8) (90 x 60cm in total). Depth: 8 mm. 

Color: Black, vintage plum and dark petrol glaze on plain grey, black, soft mint, dusty green, vintage petrol and white tiles.

Note to self: The tiles will be delivered singly so you are free to put them exactly as you like. In the pic. tiles illustrated with black grout.




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About the handmade product: ARTTILES PORCELAIN BACKSPLASH TILES are hand printed in our Copenhagen Studio in Denmark. Here old graphic printing methods come back to life, as the porcelain tiles are decorated by hand with colored glazes of high quality. The tiles are then fired the old-fashioned way, which ensures them their beautiful finish and hardy durability. ARTTILES CERAMIC are super suitable for kitchen- and bathrooms and can withstand daily use and cleaning. The tiles are freeze proof for outdoor use. In need of specific measurements, the tiles can be cut into.

ARTTILES is an artistic product: All ARTTILES are designed by artists Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark. Each tile is unique and never has quite the same expression. There may also be minor inaccuracies, which emphasize the product's originality. 

Limited edition: Due to artistic principles, every backsplash by ARTTILES is made in limited editions of 50 prints of each design and color. Please notice that the particular design will be removed from the collection, within reaching the sales-maximum of 50. 

Installing your ARTTILES: ARTTILES are installed as regular tiles with glue and grout/joint sealant. We recommend sealing the tiles as it adds extra protection against excessive moisture. Please be aware of grout film! Once the grout is in place, clean up any remaining excess with a wet, but not saturated, soft sponge or cloth. As the grout has set, a powdery film may appear: Use a soft clean cloth to polish of the powdery film. We recommend using MIRA, which is easy to work with and leaves minimal film. If the powdery film still occurs, use a grout detergent, e.g. DETERDEK cleaner, to wash of your tiles.