All ARTTILES begin their lives in our studio in Copenhagen. Here old graphic printing methods come back to life, as the porcelain tiles are decorated by hand with colored glazes of high quality.


The hand-printed tiles are then fired under high temperatures, ensuring a both beautiful and long lasting result.

A quality tile of white Portuguese porcelain is used for all hand-printed ARTTILES. The Portuguese tiles are dry pressed and pre-fired, in an off white shade. This basis tile is chosen because of its superior durability; being 8mm thick, the utility of this tile is almost endless. Use it in kitchens and bathrooms as well as in floors.





Tile dimensions and possibilities 


15x15 is our standard tile. This dimension is commonly found in Denmark as the traditional tile choice in butcher shops – and is also the dimension most represented in our product portfolio. 

Above: Different backsplashes built from 16 tiles of 15x15 cm.

10x10 and 10x30 are the new kids on the block. These dimensions became a part of our square family, because of the depth and variation they add to a backsplash design. Combined with the standard 15x15, these tiles can create tiles mosaics that are out of the ordinary.  



Above: Different backsplashes of 17 tiles in mixed dimensions of 10x10, 15x15 and 10x30 cm. Use different tile sizes to create a dramatic ‘skyline’ formation. 

Below: Kitchen backsplash in skyline formation, built from ARTTILES in mixed dimensions. (10x10, 15x15 and 10x30cm.)




30x30 is the big brother of the ARTTILES family. You’ll find him in our interior line ‘serving’ as The Porcelain Board. With its wide dimension and big, beautiful porcelain surface, this big fellow is ideal as a serving tray or as a decorative tableau for personal still life.  

In larger projects for e.g. kitchens and bathrooms, this tile dimension has potential too! With it’s 30x30 centimetre, it adds new perspective to our hand-printed motives and leaves an expression that is simple and dramatic at the same time.  


 Dimensions in total: 180x60 cm. 

Above: This custom kitchen backsplash was made for a New York-loving Danish couple. The entire backsplash was built from 30x30 cm tiles, adding simplicity within the lines of the project and emphasizing the family’s personal story and urban love of The Big Apple. 

Colors and possibilities

ARTTILES are hand-printed in a wide palette of rich colored glazes.

As we hand-mix the glazes ourselves, we are able to accommodate most wishes in regards to coloring. If you are searching for a specific color that is not within our color chart, just ask. We will most likely be able to customize it for your project. 

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