Here is an example of two different tile floor expressions.


Create your own unique tile floor

Our floor tiles are made in a variety of colors and prints, giving you the freedom to choose the expression you like, for your next floor project. That is why we sell floor tiles by square meters.


Price per. square meter: from 2.290 DKR / 305 EU.  

Contact us here for an offer on floor tiles. We look forward to customize a tile floor that fits your dreams. 



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Before you order 

Before you order there are a few things, which are useful to consider: 

  1. What space are the tiles meant for? Sometimes a picture of the room can be helpful for us to have when planning your project.
  2. Which colours do you like? Do you want something loud and colourful, or maybe something in a certain colour scale like e.g. aqua colours or a graphic black and white look? (Our floor tiles are part of our matte series, which means that the colours will appear more douche that our glazed tiles. To learn more about he difference between matte and glazed tiles read here)
  3. What kind of ARTTILES do you like? We do make them in a variety of ways; some with patterns and some with texts or motifs. So, if you already know that patterned tiles are on you wish list but tiles with texts are a no go, for example, then let us know. It speeds up our process a lot and lets us help you better  
  4. Have you thought about a theme or a story for your tiles? Sometimes it can be very fun and effect full to have a connecting thread in you tile project. Maybe you would like to draw some references to a certain city that you’re fond of, or maybe an aquarium themed bathroom could be fun? Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with us – after all that is what we are here for.