Kitchen tiles from ARTTILES - create your own unique backsplash with our handprinted tiles

Tiles from ARTTILES comes in a variety of colors, patterns, images and typographies. Select your own special mix and create a personal backsplash that tells your story. Hard to choose? You can also pick one of the many predefined backsplashes, hand selected by the artists. Browse through the backsplash category here and get inspired - or fall in love.

All our kitchen tiles are handprinted in our workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. You are allways welcome in our CPH showroom, where your will find more kitchen inspiration. You are able to book a personal consultation in our studio, where we well quide you towards the kitchen of your dreams. You will find our contact information here.  




Welcome to our inspiration gallery

Below you will find examples on how to combine our handprinted tiles for eg. kitchen and bathroom backsplashes - or something completely third.

All the shown examples below, are combined solely of tiles available in our webshop. You can build all the shown combinations yourself, through our Customizer - here you can also add your chosen tiles to shopping cart, if you find a mix you love. 

Link to The customizer



About the combination: 18 porcelain tiles in the same dimensions, mixed with plain white tiles. 
Colors: Black, grey and Salvie (Sage). Surface type: Matte

Tile dimensions: 15x15cm. In Total: 45x90cm. 



About the combination: 12 porcelain tiles in different dimensions, mixed with plain white tiles. 
Colors: Black, Grey, Curry and Relaxed Green. Surface type: Matte

Tile dimensions: 30X30cm (2 pcs) 15x15cm (10 pcs). In Total: 45x90cm. 




About the combination: 18 porcelain tiles in the same dimensions, mixed with plain white tiles. 
Colors: Black, Sorbet and Relaxed Green. Surface type: Matte

Tile dimensions: 15x15cm. In Total: 45x90cm. 




About the combination: 23 porcelain tiles in the same dimensions 
Colors: Black, Dark- & Light Petrol, Grey, Salvie (Sage) and Ice Blue. Surface type: Matte

Tile dimensions: 15x15cm. In Total: 120x60cm. 




 About the combination: 16 porcelain tiles in the same dimensions

Colors: Black, Salvie (Sage), Relaxed Green and Light Petrol. Surface type: Matte 

Tile dimensions: 15x15cm (incl. 3 x puzzle tiles) In Total: 60x60cm. 




 About the combination: 16 porcelain tiles in the same dimensions, mixed with plain white tiles.  

Colors: Black, Grey and Light Petrol. Surface type: Matte 

 Tile dimensions: 15x15cm  In Total: 60x60cm. 

Link to The customizer



Kitchen inspiration and customer photos

Scroll down, to get inspired on how to use ARTTILES in your kitchen. 




We love telling a story with our work and especially enjoy how more tiles in combination can create a mosaic of story telling, like these three different backsplashes with their own expression. 

(Above) ARTTILES STUDIO Custom kitchen backsplash in Copenhagen. Price est. of 10.000 DKR / 1333,3 EU

(Above) THE COPENHAGEN KITCHEN Tile colaboration project with Copenhagen kitchen makers CPH SQUARE. 




Here's how a bunch of ARTTILES are living their happy lives in new homes. Keep sending us shots of your finished projects! We love seeing where our "babies" end up... Thank you, more please! 




Above: Morten and Louises kitchen. Great, big dramatic skyline effect in blues and greens.The large lamp post, balances out the dominant hood. Plain white tiles was added to the mix to lighten up the overall expression. 

Above: In this ultra sleek design kitchen, we added a bit of fun by mixing black, graphic prints into the white tiles. "Holy backplash" takes the leading role above the stove.  

Above: This family liked the color-expression of our backsplash "Royal Pain in the Ass", but had also fallen in love with a handful of our other motifs. To solve their dilemma we handprinted the motifs they liked in the same royal blue glaze color, expanding the "Royal pain" theme. A great look for their sleek, white kitchen!     

Above, left: Urban backsplash tiles in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen in the home of @Livstilen (find her on instagram). Above, right: A creative customer made her own garden table, by placing ARTTILES in a steel table frame.